The Conversation Series

In this content series, people with cancer, their carers, and healthcare professionals talk openly about their experiences and share the calls to action that every Kiwi should hear.

The Conversation Series will launch throughout the year. Follow each of our partners’ social media channels below to keep an eye out for the stories.

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Our message is simple.

COVID-19 has impacted life in so many ways.

In New Zealand, we saw a drop in cancer screening, pathology and some surgery.1

Fear and anxiety around contracting coronavirus also resulted in some Kiwis deferring medical attention for new symptoms or attending routine follow-up appointments.2

While diagnosis numbers improved as we moved out of the initial lock-down3, we still need to be vigilant while the pandemic is on-going.

It’s natural to think that – if we have a new symptom – it will probably clear up on its own. That these things can wait.

But that’s not the case with cancer. The earlier cancer is found the better.4
Most symptoms are due to something less serious than cancer, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. While cancer is more common as we get older, you can develop cancer at any age. 4,5

So, if you have an unusual or persistent symptom…
Don’t wait. Contact your doctor. Get checked.

The New Normal Same Cancer Movement

8 healthcare organisations across New Zealand have come together with one voice to say: Don’t wait. Contact your doctor. Get checked.

Click on the logos to find out more about each organisation that is part of the New Normal, Same Cancer movement.


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our message

The earlier cancer is found the better.4 You can play a part in getting this important message across, loud and clear. Help us raise awareness of the New Normal Same Cancer campaign by sharing this message with your family, friends and colleagues.
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Talk to your doctor

If you are experiencing any symptoms, are due for a screening or test, or if you feel something is wrong, contact your doctor.
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Reschedule testing

Book any appointments for testing or screening that you may have delayed and/or missed due to COVID-19.

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Share the message on social media

Tell your loved ones to get checked and encourage others to do the same using the hashtag #NewNormalSameCancer

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A message from Te Aho o Te Kahu - Cancer Control Agency

“New Normal Same Cancer is a vital message – because cancer won’t wait. A delay in diagnosis or treatment may lead to more advanced cancer and poorer outcomes. If you have a new symptom, such as a lump, or a change in your body that hasn’t gone away – please see your doctor and get it checked.”
Te Aho o Te Kahu Chief Executive, CE Professor Diana Sarfati


Te Aho o Te Kahu, the Cancer Control Agency, produced reports on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and cancer care in New Zealand.

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